Yachting is for Everyone
Come Explore the Southern Islands With Us

Yachting is for Everyone

"You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore."

Yachting has always been associated with class, prestige and luxury. With travel becoming increasingly borderless and with people striving to increase their quality of life, here in yachtcruisesg, we believe in making the yachting experience affordable and accessible to anyone who wants to experience it.

For the Fun-Lover

Be it celebrating a milestone event like a family birthday function, planning an eventful bachelor party for your buddy, executing a romantic proposal with a yachtcation, or simply kick back, relax and unwinding with your friends, we love to customise this experience alongside you – for the best souvenir that we want you to have are priceless memories.

Our guests chilling with a cool drink on board our yacht

For the History Buff Traveller

Especially with the ongoing pandemic situation where air travel is minimal due to border restrictions, coupled with the undying thirst for discovery and adventure, our yachting experience is intentionally designed with your desires in mind. As Singapore’s 1st Singapore Tourism Board-licensed agent and yacht operator, we are more than ready to satisfy your intellectual curiosity and wanderlust.

No museum or heritage place to discover snippets of history? No problem. We have conceptualised our sailing routes to Singapore historical islands, each with a colourful story behind them. Think you are well-versed in Singapore history? Let’s put it to the test! Our tour guides double hat as story tellers and will share with you all the enthralling stories of each and every island.

Bringing our avid travellers on a sunset city skyline cruise

Follow us in our voyages as we leave the shores of our home, to transverse the seas and seek new horizons!

Come join us and make this an experience to remember!

Go on a nautical adventure with your friends and family!

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