Pulau Hantu
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Pulau Hantu

The name Pulau Hantu literally means “Ghost Island” in Malay.

Pulau Hantu is located to the south of the main island of Singapore, off the Straits of Singapore. Pulau Hantu is actually made up of two islets: Pulau Hantu Besar (Big Ghost Island) and Pulau Hantu Kechil (Little Ghost Island). At low tide, it is possible to wade across the shallow lagoon between the two islands, but not at high tide.

Pulau Hantu was where ancient Malay warriors once had duels to the death and their ghosts are said to wander the island.

In particular, once, there were two great warriors locked in a fierce battle at sea. Many people died from their fierce fighting and the blue seas surrounding the area slowly became polluted with human blood, upsetting the Jinns (spirits) at the bottom of the ocean. In anger, one powerful Jinn created a large whirlpool and sucked the two warriors into the deep sea to drown them. Not deterred, they continued on with their battle. Suddenly, the Jinn sprayed water on one of the men. The other warrior, seeing his opponent blinded by the water-spray and momentarily dazed, thrust his sword into his abdomen. At the same time, the blinded and wounded warrior managed to plunge his sword into the other man, with both collapsing and dying soon after.

The gods, however, felt that it was wrong for the sea-spirits to interfere in human affairs. Thus, the Jinn, being repentant, transformed the two warriors into islets so that their spirits can continue to live on them. As one of the warriors was smaller than the other, his islet was known as Pulau Hantu Kecil (Small Ghost Island), while the bigger one for the larger warrior was called Pulau Hantu Besar (Big Ghost Island).

Despite its forbidding name, Pulau Hantu is a favourite haunt for fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts because of its sheltered beaches, swimming lagoons and inviting waters. The islands are also popular with campers and day-trippers who prefer a unique outdoor experience.

You will be treated to wide variety of Corals, sea life and even a Small patch of Mangrove here.

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