Covid-19 Update: We are open for booking with added measures up to 16pax.


  • All passengers are to be present 15 minutes before the selected departure time.
  • We will not wait for any late comers as this will result in a delay to the rest of the trips.
  • Passengers need to present their booking information before boarding.
  • Individual bookings will be referred to our agents for further assistance.
  • In the event where the minimum passenger requirement is not met, we will either reschedule or postpone the trip.
  • Affected passengers will be notified by the office personal at least 3 hours before the selected sail off time.
  • Passengers are advised to have their own motion sickness medications if required, 20mins before the departure.
  • No form of medications will be provided on board.
  • Footwear is strictly NOT allowed on board the yacht. Passengers are required to remove and place their footwear in the container provided.
  • Smoking is strictly NOT allowed on board the yacht.
  • You are advised to bring a small towel in case of wet weather and/or splashing waves that may occur during the sail.
  • Bookings cannot be postponed, rescheduled or cancelled once purchases are made.
  • No refunds or credits will be issued when there is “No Show” by customer.
  • You are required to be present even there is bad weather unless the management calls to inform you of any changes. In the event the Captain decided to postpone the cruise, the management will be in contact with you to reschedule this particular trip.
  • Children of under the age of 12 must purchase a Child Ticket.
  • All safety instructions must be strictly followed at any one time.
  • The management has the rights to refuse entry to any customers in the event where safety of the vessels or passengers are compromised.

Here are some important updates:

  • For your well being and our crews safety, your temperature will be taken at the entry point.
  • You need to check in via Safe entry once checks are done.
  • If you do not feel well during the cruise, please kindly contact our crew and we will assist you accordingly.
  • No celebrations of birthdays, marriage proposal or any other kind of events are allowed during this cruises.
  • No outside food and drinks are allowed to be brought onboard and to be consumed.
  • *For private charters, you may call to find out more details on having your own food and beverages.