• All passengers are to be present 15 minutes before the selected departure time.
  • We will not wait for any late comers as this will result in a delay to the rest of the trips.
  • Passengers need to present their booking information before boarding.
  • Minimum of 6 passengers are needed for each cruise. This will only apply to individual bookings.
  • Individual bookings will be referred to our agents for further assistance.
  • In the event where the minimum passenger requirement is not met, we will either reschedule or postpone the trip.
  • Affected passengers will be notified by the office personal at least 3 hours before the selected sail off time.
  • Passengers are advised to have their own motion sickness medications if required, 20mins before the departure.
  • No form of medications will be provided on board.
  • Footwear is strictly NOT allowed on board the yacht. Passengers are required to remove and place their footwear in the container provided.
  • Smoking is strictly NOT allowed on board the yacht.
  • You are advised to bring a small towel in case of wet weather and/or splashing waves that may occur during the sail.